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Design Education for Schools

Design education is the teaching of theory and application in the design of products, services and environments. Design education is learning how to apply practical methods, prior knowledge, and natural talent to solve new problems. It is also referred to as Creative Education.

The mission is to introduce Design subject in schools as the part of pedagogy.

Design is the practice of intentional creation to enhance the world. It is a field of doing and making, creating great products and services that fit human needs, that delight and inform.

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Preservation of Culture through 360 Degree Animation

Historical monuments are not just famous for their infrastructure and history but also because of the folklores and culturally rich heritage behind it.

The current project aims at preserving the Oral History of Qutub Shahi through a 360 degree virtual reality animation. These are a part of Oral Traditions originating in popular culture, typically passed on by word of mouth from one generation to another.

Virtually depicting these stories in the form of animation will contribute in preserving the intangible medium into a tangible one.

Digital preservation of Monuments in Virtual/Augmented Reality

India is land of rich culture and heritage. It has been portrayed beautifully through ancient texts, architecture and monuments. We get in-depth knowledge historical and political information of our past through these monuments and architecture. These monuments are the treasures of a nation and symbol of pride of Indian civilisation.

We have seen destruction of culturally important temples due to climate change, weather and human activity these threaten many heritage sites of national and international significance there for documenting, preserving and conserving these monuments are very important. it is important to digitally document, appropriately record and document it the culturally significant

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